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Green Budgeting – A Compass for achieving our environmental goals Paris Collaborative on Green Budgeting & Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action


Full Meeting Postponed 

Due to Covid-19, the Green Budgeting meeting planned for 16-17 March in Paris was replaced with a focused virtual meeting which took place on 17 March by video conferencing (Zoom).

A full Green Budgeting meeting will be scheduled later in the year

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The OECD Paris Collaborative on Green Budgeting was launched at the One Planet Summit in December 2017 to provide a platform to share experiences and good practices on how best to integrate climate and broader environmental goals with the budget process.     

In April 2019, the Coalition of Finance Ministers for Climate Action was established to promote national, regional and global action on climate change; and especially to mainstream climate change into economic and financial policies according to six Helsinki Principles.

The OECD is one of the Coalition’s leading institutional partners together with the World Bank, IMF, EC, IADB and the UNDP. In particular, the OECD Paris Collaborative on Green Budgeting acts as an implementation platform for Helsinki Principle Four on Macroeconomic Management and Public Finance. This meeting will therefore serve as the Coalition’s first Workshop on Helsinki Principle Four.This joint meeting is intended to unify the constituencies of both initiatives in order to maximise synergies, bringing together the best institutional and national expertise to develop budget tools to address climate change.



  • Emerging Green Budgeting Practices: SDGs, Biodiversity and Climate
  • Long-Term Fiscal Sustainability
  • Implementing Green Budgeting: Next Steps on Classifying, Tagging and Reporting Green Expenditures - Towards a Harmonised Approach?

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