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OECD Review of Budgeting in Mexico



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 09 Nov 2009  

 Pages: 158


 OECD Journal on Budgeting, Volume 2009 Supplement 1

Over the past decade, Mexico has undergone significant economic and political reform. This period has witnessed important improvements in the health of public finances which should place Mexico in a better position to withstand the current global economic crisis. 

Since 2006, the Mexican government has introduced a number of laws and reforms that aim to address structural challenges, improve fiscal responsibility and transparency, and create a budget process and fiscal framework that are more efficient and transparent and more in line with international practices.

This review discusses the recent reforms in Mexico and the current systems for budget formulation, the role of Congress, budget execution and financial management, and accountability for results (performance budgeting), and makes recommendations for further action.

Supporting fiscal policy in Mexico for a strong and sustainable recovery, remarks by Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General, for the release of the OECD Review of Budgeting in Mexico


 Table of contents

-Acronyms and Terms

-Executive Summary and Recommendations

-Chapter 1. Fiscal Performance and Challenges
-Chapter 2. Budget Formulation
-Chapter 3. Budget Approval: The Role of Congress
-Chapter 4. Budget Execution and Financial Management
-Chapter 5. Improving Accountability for Results: Performance Budgeting and Management Reforms

-Annex A. Programa de Mediano Plazo
-Annex B. Oil Revenue Management
-Annex C. Public Investment Evaluation Programme
-Annex D. Impact Evaluation of the Social Development Programme on Cement Floors
-Annex E. Requirements on Sub-National Governments as a Result of the Recent Fiscal Reforms



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