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12th OECD-Asian Senior Budget Officials Annual Meeting, Bangkok, Thailand, 15-16 December 2016


12th OECD-Asian Senior Budget Officials Annual Meeting

Bangkok, Thailand
15-16 December 2016

Ms. Rosemary HUXTABLE, Acting Secretary, Department of Finance, Australia and
Mr. Somsak CHOTTRATTANASIRI,Budget Director, Bureau of the Budget, Office of the Prime Minister, Thailand


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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Opening by Co-chairs and OECD Secretariat

Delegates’ Introductions

Keynote Address by Mr. Apisak TANTIVORAWONG Minister of Finance of Thailand

SESSION 1 - Roundtable on Recent Budgeting Developments in Asia

Presentations by :

  • Arthur Camilleri, Australia
  • Lekzang DORJI, Bhutan
  • Sokkeang LAY, Cambodia
  • Haitao WANG, China
  • Kurnia Chairi, Indoneisa
  • Didik Kusnaini, Indonesia
  • Shun Sakata, Japan
  • Tommy Kuok Chong Hon, Macau SAR
  • Ibrahim Yaacob, Malaysia
  • Nan Mo Kham & Khin Maung Lwin, Myanmar
  • Andrew Blazey, New Zealand
  • Amanella Arevallo, Philippines
  • Yu Ping Yen, Chinese Taipei
  • Wuttipan Tantivong, Thailand

SESSION 2 - Performance Budgeting: Lessons Learned

Presentation by :

  • Marine Camiade, France

SESSION 3 - Thailand’s "Sufficiency Economy Philosophy"

Presentation by :

  • Thanasal Vidheechoroen, Thailand


Friday, 16 December 2016

SESSION 4 - Practical Toolkit on Budget Transparency: Putting Principles into Practice

Presentations by :

  • Ronnie Downes, OECD
  • Didik Kusnaini, Indonesia

SESSION 5 - Sequencing Public Financial Management Reform: The Case of Timor-Leste

Presentations by :

  • Ronnie Downes, OECD
  • Brigida Soares, Timor-Leste
  • Amanella Arevalo, Philippines

SESION 6 - Enhancing the Finance Function in Line Ministries

Presentations by :

  • Jón Blöndal, OECD
  • Ung Luyna, Cambodia

SESSION 7 - Report by the OECD and Future Work Programme

Presentation by :

  • Jón Blöndal, OECD



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