Budgeting and public expenditures

Fourth annual meeting of MENA-OECD Senior Budget Officials


Beirut, Lebanon

21-22 September 2011



The Lebanese Ministry of Finance hosted the 4th annual meeting of the MENA-OECD Senior Budget Officials. The meeting was chaired by H.E. Mr. Mohamad Safadi, Minister of Finance, Lebanon, and co-chaired by Mr. Mårten Blix, Director, Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, Sweden.


Background notes:

  • From Lessons to Principles for the Use of PPPs - Draft  (pdf).
  • What Can Arab Countries Learn from Prior Political Transitions in Latin America? - Draft note for Discussion (pdf)




Wednesday 21 September 2011

Country presentations I: Budgeting in Lebanon

  • Presentation (in Arabic) by Ms. Josiane Saad, Director of Budget, Ministry of Finance, Lebanon.


Public-private partnerships

  • Presentation by Mr. Ian Hawkesworth, Policy Analyst, Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division, GOV, OECD.
  • Presentation by Dr. Sateh El Arnaout, Senior Urban and Regional Development Specialist, World Bank.
  • Presentation by Mr. Frédéric Marty, Fellow, French National Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS), Research Group on Law, Economics and Management.
  • Presentation by Mr. Adel Al-Roumi, President, Partnerships Technical Bureau, Kuwait.


Country presentations II: Budgeting in Morocco

  • Presentation (in Arabic) by Mr. Mohammed Haddad, Deputy Budget Director, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Morocco.


Restoring public finances in OECD countries

  • Presentation by Mr. Jón Blöndal, Head of Division, Budgeting and Public Expenditures Division, GOV, OECD, and Mr. Heliodoro Temprano, European Commission.



Thursday 22 September 2011


The impact of democratic transitions on budgeting and public expenditures

  • Presentation by Mr. Angel Melguizo, Economist, Americas Desk, OECD Development Centre.
  • Presentation by Mr. Balázs Romhányi, Director General, Fiscal Responsibility Institute, Hungary.
  • Presentation (in Arabic) by Ms. Alaya Jelassi Habiba, Director General, National School of Finance, Tunisia.


Transparency and citizen information

  • Presentation (in Arabic) by Mr. Yasser Sobhi, Director, Fiscal Policy, Macro-Fiscal Policy Unit, Ministry of Finance, Egypt.
  • Presentation by Mrs. Lea Hakim, Economic Officer, UNDP Project-Office of the Minister, Ministry of Finance, Lebanon.
  • Presentation by Mr. Ibrahim Saif, Resident Scholar (Open Budget Index Researcher - Jordan), Carnegie Middle East Center.


Building capacities of budget officials in the MENA region

  • Presentation (in Arabic) by Mrs. Lamia Moubayed Bissat, Director, Institute of Finance Basil Fuleihan, Ministry of Finance, Lebanon.
  • Presentation by Mr. Abdelhadi Yousef, Director, IMF-Middle East Center for Economics and Finance (CEF).
  • Presentation by Mr. Carlos Conde, Senior Programme Coordinator, MENA-OECD Governance Programme, OECD.


Country presentations III: Budgeting in Kuwait

  • Presentation (in Arabic) by Mrs. Mariam Al Aqeel, Manager of Attached Authorities, Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, Kuwait.


Report by the OECD Secretariat and future work programme