Budgeting and public expenditures

9th annual meeting of the OECD Senior Budget Officials network on Performance and Results Berlin, 7-8 November 2013



Thursday, 7 November 2013

Introduction by Chair and Secretariat.

Opening Address by Secretary of State Mr. Werner Gatzer, Federal Ministry of Finance, Germany.

Session 1:  Engaging with citizens on budgeting and performance

Key note speakers:

  • Part 1: Mr. Derek Eder, Open Data Web Developer, Owner of Data Made & Co-Founder of Open City, United States.
  • Part 2: Dr. Robert Heller, President of the Federal Training and Knowledge Center, former Secretary of State in Berlin and Hamburg, Germany.

Session 2:  Evaluation and policy-making: How do results impact upon resource allocation and budgeting?

2 case studies:

  • Ms. Paula Darville, Head of Management Control Division, Ministry of Finance, Chile.
  • Dr. Hideaki Tanaka, Professor, Governance Studies, Meiji University, Japan.

Ms. Christiane Arndt, Programme Co-ordinator, Measuring Regulatory Performance, OECD.

Session 3a:  The evolving role of performance and results

  • Discussion group 1: Big political challenges -- what role for performance information?  [led by Dr. Christian Kastrop, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Finance, Germany].
  • Discussion group 2: Performance information: what has it been good for [led by Dr. Peter Van den Berg, Director of Budget Affairs & Deputy Director General of Budget, Ministry of Finance, Netherlands].
  • Discussion group 3: Governing from afar: performance budgeting and relations across levels of government.  [led by Mr. Antti Moisio, Research Director, Government Institute for Economic Research VATT, Finland].
  • Discussion group 4: How can IT processes facilitate – or transform – the effective use of performance information in the budget process?  [led by Mr. Trolle Klitgård Andersen, Deputy Director General, Agency for Government Modernization, Denmark].

Session 3b:  The evolving role of performance and results

Results of the discussions in session 3a will be presented.

  • Discussant of results: Dr. Nowook Park, Head, Korea Institute for Public Finance, Korea.

Friday, 8 November 2013

Session 4The use of national and international outcome benchmarks in driving policy. Adding value or distorting incentives?

Lead presentation by Prof. Dr. Michael Thoene, FiFo Institute for Public Economics, Cologne, Germany.

Impact of high level measures:

  • Christiane Arndt, Programme Co-ordinator, Regulatory Policy Division, GOV, OECD.
  • Mr. Chris Mullin, General Expenditure Policy, HM Treasury, United Kingdom.

Session 5:  The OECD Value for Money project

Guest chair: Dr. Peter Van den Berg, Netherlands

Lead presentation by Mr. Dirk-Jan Kraan, IMF, (formerly OECD Secretariat, Value for Money Project Leader).
Value for Money Project team members providing comments:

  • Dr. Joachim Wehner, Lecturer, London School of Economics.
  • Ms. Valentina Kostyleva, independent consultant.

2 country participants reactions:

  • Mr. Pål Ulla, Deputy Budget Director, Ministry of Finance, Norway.
  • Ms. Charlotta Eriksson, Budget Department, Ministry of Finance, Sweden.

Session 6: Wrap-up session

  • Proposed new OECD Principles on Public Budgeting (presentation by Ronnie Downes, GOV, OECD).
  • Future Work (presentation by Christian Kastrop, ministry of Finance, Germany) and discussion.
  • Concluding remarks by Chairman and Secretariat.

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