Budgeting and public expenditures

4th annual OECD meeting on public-private partnerships


Paris, 24-25 March 2011

Chair: Gordon McKechnie



Thursday 24 March 2011


PPPs in the aftermath of the global financial crisis: 

The global financial crisis posed particular challenges to the PPP and general infrastructure procurement framework of OECD countries. As credit was drying up and the economy contracting, the stimulus programmes called for the public sector to take on new risks and to leverage private sector capacity.


This brought a number of institutional and procedural changes. The thinking behind these changes, the political economy of change and lessons learned were discussed in this session.




From lessons towards principles on PPPs: 

This session took stock of the lessons learned regarding PPPs in member countries over the last decade. Based on these lessons, possible principles on PPPs were discussed.


  • OECD Secretariat: From lessons to principles.
  • Bernhard Muller, Ministerialrat, Project Partnerships Germany, Ministry of Finance: Comments.
  • Edward Farqharson, Assistant Director, Infrastructure UK, HM Treasury: Comments.
  • François Bergere, Secrétaire Général, Mission d'Appui aux Partenariats Public-Privé (MAPPP): Comments.



Case studies – learning from peers: 

This session contained a number of detailed cases studies where concrete PPP projects were presented so that delegates could learn from each other.




Friday, 25 March 2011


Accounting for PPPs – value for money and transparency: 

PPPs should only be chosen when they represent value for money based on a detailed comparison with a public sector bid. However, since PPPs backload the cash flow for large infrastructure projects and in many cases are not booked on the government’s balance sheet, the wrong incentives for doing PPPs can be strong, especially in countries burdened by debt.


This session examined the accounting rules in order assess whether they achieve their objectives.




Case studies session – learning from peers: 

This session contained additional detailed cases studies where concrete PPP projects were presented so that delegates could learn from each other.




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