Budgeting and public expenditures

3rd annual meeting of OECD Parliamentary Budget Officials



28-29 April 2011


Delegates from 25 parliaments attended the meeting, including nine parliaments that participated for the first time. The meeting was chaired by Ms. Anna Kinberg Batra, MP, Chair of the Swedish Riksdag’s Finance Committee.



Background documents:

  • Background notes on Committee Structures for Budget Approval and Oversight/Interim Financial Reporting, by Lisa von Trapp (OECD Secretariat) and Jacques Jason (Canadian Parliamentary Budget Office) - GOV/PGC/SBO(2011)6  
  • Repairing the budget contract:  balancing high expectations and low trust, by Allen Schick (as revised for the 32nd annual meeting of OECD Senior Budget Officials, Luxembourg, 6-7 June 2011) - GOV/PGC/SBO(2011)4 





 Full versions of the Agenda are available in English and French


Thursday, 28 April 2011


The role of parliament in the approval and oversight of fiscal stimulus packages and strategies to reduce fiscal deficits





Committee structures for budget approval and oversight



Repairing the budget contract: balancing high expectations and low trust



Roundtable on recent parliamentary budgeting developments






Friday, 29 April 2011


Parliamentary budget offices and fiscal councils – new institutions and challenges




Discussion paper: Independent Fiscal Institutions - GOV/PGC/SBO(2011)7



The impact of parliamentary budget offices





Interim reporting practices and legislative oversight in OECD countries






Report by the OECD Secretariat


This session updated participants on current and future projects by the OECD in the field of budgeting and public expenditures. It was also an opportunity for participants to identify emerging priority areas for future work, the nature of their interest in the subject and their willingness to participate in particular studies.



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