Budgeting and public expenditures

37th Annual Meeting of OECD Senior Budget Officials Stockholm, Sweden • 9-10 June 2016


37th Annual Meeting of OECD Senior Budget Officials
Stockholm, Sweden • 9-10 June 2016

The meeting is hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Finance.
Chair: Mr. Julian KELLY, Director General, Public Spending and Finance, HM Treasury, United Kingdom and Chair of the OECD Working Party of Senior Budget Officials.



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 Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Welcome Reception hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Finance

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Opening by Chairman
Delegates’ Introductions

  • Opening Remarks by Swedish Secretary of State Mr. Max Elger,Ministry of Finance
  • Opening Remarks by OECD Deputy Secretary-General, Ms. Mari Kiviniemi
  • Kenote Speech by Swedish Minister of Finance, Ms. Magdalena Andersson

SESSION 1 - OECD Economic Outlook

Presentation by:

  • Mr. Christian Kastrop, Director, OECD Economics Department

SESSION 2 - Budgeting in Sweden 

Presentations by:

  • Mr. Ronnie Downes, OECD Secretariat
  • Ms. Fiona Ross, New Zealand Treasury
  • Mr. Hannu Mäkinen, Ministry of Finance, Finland
  • Mr. Urban Hansson-Brusewitz & Ms. Kristina Padron, Ministry of Finance, Sweden

SESSION 3 - Gender Budgeting

Presentations by:

  • Ms. Asa Regnér, Swedish Minister for Gender Equality
  • Mr. Ronnie Downes and Ms. Elena Gentili, OECD
  • Mr. Amir Levi, Ministry of Finance, Israel

SESSION 4 - Budget Offices and Line Ministries, Performance Budgeting and Spending Reviews

Presentations by:

  • Mr. Jon Blöndal, OECD 
  • Mr. Ayden Tajahmady, CNAMTS, France
  • Ms. Marcia Santiago, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat

Friday, 10 June 2016

SESSION 5 - Budgeting in Chile

Presentations by:

  • Ms. Camila Vammalle, OECD Secretariat
  • Ms. Marine Camiade, Ministry of Finance, France
  • Mr. Martin Kelleners, Ministry of Finance, Germany
  • Mr. José Pablo Gomez, Ministry of Finance, Chile

SESSION 6 - Accrual Accounting and Budgeting

Presentations by:

  •  Ms. Delphine Moretti, OECD Secretariat
  •  Ms. Jane Halton, Department of Finance, Australia

SESSION 7 - Emerging Budgeting Issues

Presentations by:

  • Mr. Colin Forthun, Ministry of Finance, Norway
  • Mr. Florencio B. Abad, Ministry of Finance, Philippines
  • Ms. Courtney Timberlake, Office of Management and Budget, United-States 
  • Mr. Julian Kelly, HM Treasury, United Kingdom

SESSION 8 - Report by Secretariat and Future Work Programme

Presentation by:

  •  Mr. Jon Blöndal, OECD Secretariat


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