Budgeting and public expenditures

34th annual meeting of OECD Senior Budget Officials (SBO)


OECD conference centre, Paris, 3-4 June 2013

The 34th annual meeting of OECD Senior Budget Officials was chaired by Gerhard Steger, Director-General of Budget and Public Finance, Austria.


Monday 3 June 2013

Opening by Chairman and OECD Secretariat

Introductions by Delegates

Welcome Address – Creating Fiscal Space

  • Presentation by:  Mario Marcel, Deputy Director, OECD/GOV

The 2012 OECD Budgeting Survey and Principles for Budget Institutions

The Evolving Role of Budgeting and of the Budget Office – Topics

Tuesday 4 June 2013

Use of Spending Reviews

Fiscal Risk and Contingent Liabilities

Developments in Performance Budgeting

Future Work Programme

  • Presentation by Jon Blondal, OECD Secretariat


Background documents:

GOV/PGC/SBO/A(2013)5 - Provisional Agenda

GOV/PGC/SBO(2013)1 – Budgeting for Fiscal Space and Government Performance Beyond the Great Recession

GOV/PGC/SBO(2013)4/PROV – Results of the 2012 OECD Budget Practices and Procedures Survey– 1st DRAFT

GOV/PGC/SBO(2013)5 – The Metamorphoses of Performance Budgeting

GOV/PGC/SBO(2013)6 – Spending Reviews

GOV/PGC/SBO(2013)7 – Budgeting for Contingent Liabilities – Discussion Paper



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