Western Balkans: Progress in the Implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises: 2009 SME Policy Index




Progress in the Implementation of the European Charter for Small Enterprises in the Western Balkans: 2009 SME Policy Index

Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of Western Balkan economies, and constitute a principal element of the European Union's crisis recovery.

Building on the The 2007 SME Policy Index -- released as the first comprehensive comparative assessment of progress made in the Western Balkans in implementing the European Charter for Small Enterprises -- the 2009 SME Policy Index provides further comparative analysis, as well as a detailed assessment of country performances over the last two years.

The report also includes a special section on supporting high-growth and innovative SMEs.


The Outline of the SME Policy Index approach and methodology is an analytical tool designed by the OECD Investment Compact for South East Europe and the European Commission, and uses collaborative benchmarking to measure progress in the ten dimensions of the Charter:

  • Education and training for entrepreneurship
  • Cheaper and faster start-up
  • Better legislation and regulation
  • Availability of skills
  • Improving online access for tax filing and company registration
  • Getting more out of the single market
  • Taxation and financial matters
  • Strengthening the technological capacity of small enterprises
  • Successful e-business models and top class business support
  • Developing stronger, more effective representation of small enterprises

Launched in Brussels on 17 June 2009, this report covers Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Kosovo.


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