Understanding productivity growth – new insights, new questions


Joint workshop of the Committee on Industry, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) and
the Working Party on Industry Analysis (WPIA)

22-23 October 2013, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, 

Draft Agenda 

Introductory remarks

  • Richard Snabel, Chair CIIE 
  • Javier Miranda, Chair WPIA

Session 1: Reallocation, employment and productivity growth

This session explored the role of enterprise dynamics – the role of entry, exit and growth of firms – for employment and productivity growth, based on analysis of microdata.

Chair and lead discussant: Dirk Pilat, OECD


Discussion and national experiences

Session 2: Size distortions and Productivity

An important policy question is whether and how policies might have intended or/and unintended effects on economic efficiency. Almost all OECD countries have size contingent policies in place, and recent evidence suggests that these might explain poor resource allocation in certain countries and thus their gap in productivity performance. This session presented some recent evidence and discuss implications for policy

Chair and lead discussant: Nick Johnstone, OECD


  • Luis Garicano, London School of Economics and Political Science

Discussion on the evidence and policy issues

Session 3:
Productivity and competitiveness – key drivers and evidence

Productivity is a major driver of international competitiveness, which is a growing concern for many OECD countries in an increasingly interconnected economy. This session explored the micro determinants of productivity and competitiveness and their link to productivity and competitiveness at the macro level.

Chair and lead discussant: Filippo Di Mauro, European Central Bank


Discussion on the evidence and policy issues

Session 4: Innovation and Knowledge-Based Capital – New Evidence and the Contribution to Productivity

This session explored new evidence on the drivers of productivity growth, focusing on the role of knowledge based capital (KBC) and its determinants. It discussed the role of policies in enhancing investment in KBC and growth.  

Chair and lead discussant: Chiara Criscuolo, OECD 


Session 5: Panel Session on Enhancing Productivity Growth of knowledge based economies in a time of fiscal consolidation – What Policies Work?

This panel session discussed the actions that governments can take to strengthen productivity performance. It will also point to areas where the evidence on the effect of policies needs further strengthening.

Summing up and close

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