Presentations - 3rd Annual Conference of the Global Forum on Productivity, Ottawa


Day 1

Setting up the stage: Evolution of disruptive technologies: What’s new?

Parallel Session 1A: Disruptive technologies, resource allocation, business dynamics and business of the future

 Parallel Session 1B: Technology-driven polarization of the labor market

 Parallel Session 2A: Business and social innovation in response to disruptive technologies?

 Parallel Session 2B: Productivity and growth-enhancing institutions

Day 2

Parallel Session 3A: Impacts of new technologies on clusters and other agglomeration economies

 Parallel Session 3B: Skills for the new economies – What is an optimal policy response?

 Parallel Session 3C: Collateralising intangible assets: Challenges and Best Practices

 Panel 2: What do we know about the productivity slowdown?

 Wrap-up session and way forward



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