Presentations - 2017 Conference of the Global Forum on Productivity


Day 1


Parallel session A1: How do we realise upgrading potential and knowledge spillovers from MNEs?


Francisco Monge and Catalina Sandoval - Benefits from FDI and trade: productivity spillovers in Costa Rica.

Juan Carluccio - Offshoring and Skill Upgrading in French Manufacturing: a Hecksher-Ohlin-Melitz View.

Balázs Muraközy  - The formation of supplier-buyer linkages: survey evidence from Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.


Parallel session A2: How does the changing structure of GVCs impact productivity?


Jonathan Timmis - The changing structure of GVCs: Are hubs central for productivity?

Filippo Vergara Caffarelli - Quantifying the Productivity Effects of Global Sourcing.

Carlo Altomonte - Trade and growth in the age of GVCs.


Parallel session A3: How is the organisation of firm activities evolving, what are the productivity implications?


Richard Heys - The productivity and management practices of manufacturing firms in the UK.

Magnus Lodefalk - Recruiting for small business growth: micro-level evidence.

Natália P. Monteiro - Foreign acquisition and internal organization.

Elvira Prades- Import Switching and Productivity.


Day 2


Keynote address


Paola Conconi - Openness, Global Value Chains, and Productivity.


Parallel session B1: How to connect domestic to global production networks?


Emmanuel Dhyne - Local organization of the production network and firms’ productivity.

Michael Holz  - Global networks, cooperation and value production in the German Mittelstand.

Hildegunn Kyvik Nordås - Services Trade Restrictions.

Miklos Koren - Learning to import from your peers.


Parallel session B2: How can the productivity gains from participation in global networks be shared and inclusive? 


Daria Taglioni - Economic Upgrading through Global Value Chain Participation.

Heiwai Tang - Do Multinationals Transfer Culture? Evidence on Female Employment in China.

Andrew Sharpe - The Effect of Import Competition on Employment in Canada: Evidence from the 'China Shock'.

Rudiger Ahrend - Increasing the productivity gains from participation in global networks for SMEs and places: What role for public policy?

Parallel session B3: How can pro-productivity institutions help to address national and global policy challenges?


Murray Sherwin - New Zealand Productivity Commission Framework and Lessons to date.


Key points from the parallel sessions and overall take-home messagess


Andy Wyckoff - Closing remarks


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