OECD Workshop on Productivity, 5-6 November 2012, Paris


Venue: OECD Conference Centre, Paris, 5-6 November 2012


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Monday 5 November


Welcome and opening remarks, OECD
Dirk Pilat and Paul Schreyer


Session 1: Productivity and the crisis: challenges for policy makers
Chair: Giuseppe Nicoletti, Economics Department, OECD

  • Jonathan Haskel (Imperial College Business School), "Intangibles and the current recession"
  • Gilbert Cette (Banque de France), "Labour market adjustements during the crisis: The role of working time arrangements"
  • Jumana Saleheen (Bank of England), "UK labour productivity since the onset of the crisis - an international and historical perspective"
  • Miguel Cardoso Lecourtois (BBVA Research), "The recovery of productivity in Spain during the crisis: is it sustainable?"

Session 2: The determinants of productivity and the role of policy
Chair: Dirk Pilat, OECD

Keynote address: Chad Syverson (University of Chicago Booth School of Business and National Bureau of Economic Research), "What determines productivity?"


Session 3: Innovation, knowledge-based capital and productivity growth: new
developments and the role of policy
Chair: Mariagrazia Squicciarini, OECD

  • Christos Genakos (Athens University of Economics and Business), "Does management matter for productivity?"
  • Kyoji Fukao (Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University), "Intangible investment and productivity growth in Japan"
  • Mark de Haan (CBS, Statistics Netherlands), "The incorporation of intangibles in the Dutch growth accounts"

Session 4: Productivity and competitiveness in a globalised world: measurement and
policy challenges
Chair: Nadim Ahmad, OECD

  • Matteo Bugamelli (Bank of Italy), "The effects of exports and imports: the case of Italy"
  • Gaaitzen de Vries (University of Groningen), "Job dynamics and Global supply chains"
  • Robert Inklaar (University of Groningen), "Offshoring bias in manufacturing growth across advanced and emerging countries"
  • Giuseppe Nicoletti (OECD), "Do lower tariffs on foreign intermediate inputs raise productivity?"  

Tuesday 6 November


Session 5: Challenges for productivity measurement
Chair: Alessandra Colecchia, OECD

  • Eric Bartelsman (Free University Amsterdam), "Productivity: measurement and cross-country comparisons"
  • Matilde Mas (Universitat de València), "Measuring productivity in the public sector"
  • Mark Vancauteren (Hasselt University and Statistics Netherlands), "Measuring productivity growth under alternatives of the standard neoclassical set of assumptions"
  • Anita Wölfl (OECD), "Productivity measurement - key challenges"

Session 6: The role of natural assets and the environment for productivity
Chair: Robert Dellink, OECD

  • Vera Zipperer (OECD), "Integrating natural resources and undesirable outputs into MFP measurement"
  • Taehyoung Cho (Bank of Korea), "The impact of introducing land into Korea's capital services measures"
  • Eldon Ball (Economic Research Service, USDA), "Productivity and growth: U.S. agriculture, 1948-2009"

Concluding Remarks

Dirk Pilat (OECD)


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