Ministerial Summit on Productivity


  18 April 2018 ‌San Jose, Costa Rica

Slow and diverging productivity growth is a matter of concern in most Latin American and Caribbean countries, as they have failed to find solid foundations for sustained long-run economic growth.

Governments are therefore working on policy reforms, including measures to deepen regional trade integration, which plays an important role in productivity growth. Latin America and the Caribbean underperforms in intra-regional trade with respect to other regions, and thus there is policy space to increase productivity increase through deeper integration.
The upcoming Ministerial Summit in Costa Rica will gather researchers and policymakers to engage in substantive discussions on how regional trade integration can boost productivity growth, with the aim of learning from best practices and frontier research on the matter through knowledge-sharing.
The event is organised by the Ministry of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica, the OECD and the World Bank.



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