Productivity Profile of Luxembourg


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Conseil National de la Productivité: created in Sept. 2018 and established under the authority of the Ministry of the Economy;

Observatory of Competitiveness (ODC): monitoring unit in charge of documenting, observing and analysing the evolution of the country's competitiveness, as well as investigating cases, monitoring them and stimulating the implementation by the designated partners.


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ODC: Bilan Compétitivité 2019: Focus sur l'Entrepreneuriat (2019) Luxembourg Competitiveness Reports (2018, 2016), Luxklems: Productivité et Compétitivité (2008); Productivity and Competitiveness in Luxembourg: Productivity and the Crisis (2012) 

OECD: Economic Surveys Luxembourg (biannual), Review of Innovation Policy Luxembourg (2016); Economic Policy Reforms (2019);

The Journal of Technology Transfer: Productivity Slowdown and Misallocation in the Post-Recession: what prevents recovery? (2018).


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 LUX productivity growth graph


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 Latest OECD Recommendations


  • Productivity growth has long been slow, partly due to skill shortages -> undertake regular skill foresight exercises and ensure their outcomes feed into enhanced training offers;
  • In services, the less productive firms have tended to fall further behind, which weighs on aggregate productivity -> modernise bankruptcy law to ease restructuring and second change opportunities, as well as the exit of non-viable firms;
  • Regulations for some professional services remain restrictive in international comparison -> In those professional services, eliminate restrictions on advertising and marketing;
  • Even top firms often fail to innovate -> Promote the adoption of cutting-edge technologies, inter alia through the demonstration effect of public sector use.


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