Productivity Profile of Italy


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Ministry of Economy and Finance 

Bank of Italy


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International Productivity Monitor: Productivity and Reallocation: Evidence from the Universe of Italian Firms (2017);

Banca d'Italia: Allocative Efficiency and Finance (2019), Credit Supply and Productivity Growth (2018), Productivity Growth in Italy: A Tale of Slow-Motion Change (2018), Productivity in Italy: Performance and Determinants (2017);

Journal of Economic Geography: Does Weak Contract Enforcement Affect Firm Size? Evidence from the Neighbour's Court (2017);

OECD: The Effect of Public Sector Efficiency on Firm-Level Productivity Growth: The Italian Case (2019).


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 ITA Productivity growth graph


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 Latest OECD Recommendations


  • Further streamline bankruptcy procedures with an organic reform of the bankruptcy law to reduce the length and cost of debt recovery and to enhance business dynamism;
  • Improve the efficiency of the public administration; further streamline the court system, with more specialisation where appropriate; increase the use of mediation;
  • Enhance the efficiency of the tax structure; an overly complex tax code, which results in high tax evasion, and numerous and unjustified tax exemptions distort economic activity;
  • Open local public services to competition;
  • Strengthen apprenticeships, vocational education, training courses and lifelong learning. Develop a national framework on lifelong learning to help local authorities to align courses and practices with best practices;
  • Promote higher and better quality public investment and improve infrastructure management.


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