Productivity Profile of Ireland


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Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation (DBEI): leads a whole of government approach to developing the most competitive environment for investment, productivity and sustainable jobs growth;

National Competitiveness Council (NCC): acts as Ireland’s National Productivity Board and reports to the Taoiseach and the Government through the Minister for Business, Enterprise and Innovation on key competitiveness issues facing the Irish economy.


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DBEI: What is behind aggregate productivity growth in Ireland? A granular approach (2019);

NCC: Productivity Statement (2019) Competitiveness Challenge (2018);

National Statistical Institute: Productivity in Ireland (2017);

Department of Finance: Productivity Chartpack (2018);

OECD: Patterns of Firm-Level Productivity in Ireland (2018), Productivity spillovers from multinational activity to local firms in Ireland (2018).


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IRL productivity growth graph‌ 


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 Latest OECD Recommendations


  • Promote greater business dynamism
    • By monitoring business licensing requirements and the systems that facilitate them, including by linking more licensing procedures with the Integrated License Application Service;
    • By introducing inter-professional cooperation in the provision of legal services;
    • By broadening and focusing public lending programmes on small and medium enterprises with a high share of intangible assets and innovative business models;
  • Increase participation in lifelong learning by adults
    • By enhancing financial assistance for training programmes for young workers. More actively establish and promote distance learning programmes;
  • Give the Irish Competition and Consumer Protection Commission adequate enforcement powers to fight anti-competitive behaviour, including the capacity to impose sufficient penalties on competition law infringements to ensure a deterrent effect.
  • Increase participation in lifelong learning by adults



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