Mechanisms for Managing Public Environmental Expenditure in Selected OECD Countries


Public environmental expenditure programmes play a key part in environmental finance in most member and non-member countries. This report presents different institutional options for managing such programmes, with a focus on the water sector in four OECD countries, namely: Austria, Belgium (the Region of Flanders), France and Germany.

The analysis uses the Good Practices for Public Environmental Expenditure Management, a performance review framework, developed by the OECD. The Good Practices aim to guide governments in designing, implementing and reviewing public environmental expenditure programmes. In addition, they provide institutions managing public funds with a framework for evaluating the performance of such programmes in line with internationally-recognised standards.

This study is the first attempt to look at selected OECD members' practices of managing public environmental expenditure in a structured, comparative way. Lessons learnt are relevant for both members and non-member countries, as they provide guidance on the institutional set-up of public environmental expenditure programmes.

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