What is RSS?



RSS is short for "Really Simple Syndication" and is like a free subscription service: the information you seek is automatically delivered to your desktop. To learn more, see Wikipedia's explanation of RSS.

How can I subscribe to RSS?

Use a newsreader

  • Newsreaders are now part of most recent web browsers (FireFox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc.) and so you have nothing to install. Simply click on the OECD feed you are interested in from within your browser and confirm that you want to add it. It will then be automatically available in your browser. Microsoft Office Outlook has also a built-in newsreader and the steps to be followed are the same.

If you do not have a built-in newsreader, you have the choice between:

  • Subscribing to a free online RSS newsreader or aggregator that works from any web browser such as NewsGator or one specifically for the Internet Explorer web browser, like the RSS Feeds Toolbar for Microsoft Internet Explorer 1.0.01 (  Once done, simply add the news feeds that you want and confirm your choice. The feeds selected will then be available every time that you connect to this service.

Here is a list of web-based newsreaders:


 MyYahoo!  NewsGator  Pluck

 Google Reader

  • Installing newsreader software on your computer .You will need to download software, as well as the corresponding program. Then add the news feed you are interested in and confirm your selection. Do not forget to add a shortcut to your desktop to consult the news feeds more easily. 

Please find below a list of newsreaders for your information:

 For PC users

 For Mac users


Omea Reader

Mozilla Thunderbird




Note: The OECD is not responsible for the content of external Internet sites, and the list provided here should not be interpreted as either exhaustive or an endorsement of any given product.


Consult news feeds

If a website has an RSS feed available, an RSS link will be provided.

An RSS link ends in or contains ".xml"; just look for an orange rectangle on the site which says RSS (or XML), like this:   or this: 

list of the RSS links/feeds available at the OECD can be found here:

Right-click on the RSS link that interests you, select "Copy shortcut" and paste the link in the relevant field in your RSS reader. You will start receiving OECD news as it becomes available.


How can I display an OECD RSS feed on my website?

We encourage the use of OECD RSS feeds as part of a website, subject to our Terms and Conditions for OECD Web Site Usage. However, we do require that the proper format and attribution is used when OECD content appears. The attribution text should read "OECD" or "From OECD" as appropriate. You may not use the OECD logo.


To feature one or several of the OECD RSS feeds on your website or blog:

1. You will need to use a service that syndicates RSS news feeds on your website, such as Feedroll:

2. Select the RSS feed that you are interested in at the OECD at and choose a design that suits your website.

3. Then copy and paste the code provided by Feedroll (or a similar program) onto the relevant web page.

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