Privacy Policy: Information Automatically recognised and logged


Definition Key

Technical administration of the OECD website(s)
Parts of the data are used for the technical support of the OECD website(s) and computer system. This would include processing computer account information, and information used in the course of securing and maintaining the OECD website(s). Typically, certain information automatically logged including IP addresses and domain names are automatically used for the technical support of the OECD website(s) and computer system; tracking down problems with the server, etc.

Research & development
Parts of the data are used to enhance, evaluate, or otherwise review the OECD website(s), service, product, or market. This does not include personal data used to tailor or modify the content to the specific individual or data used to evaluate, target, profile or contact the individual. For instance, IP addresses are used to gather broad demographic data (such as buying habits or interests in a specific geographic location).

Customer Administration

Part of the data are used for the provision of information, communications, or transaction services, for example to return the results from a Web search, to forward email, to place an order, or to make deliveries to the visitor. In particular, financial data are used to check visitors registration qualifications, credit card, or to bill consumers for a service or product, and IP addresses are used to help identify visitors and their shopping carts. The data might also be used to contact visitors when necessary.


Parts of the data are used to contact visitors for sending information or promotional material, products or services. This includes notifying visitors about updates to the OECD website(s), tailoring the content or design of the OECD website(s) or the page to the particular individual. More generally these data are used for direct mail, prospects lists, analysis and marketing. The intention may be to disclose to third parties in the future.

Trading in personal data

You collect personal data about your visitors with the intention of selling them to other organisations.

Other purposes

The data are also used for other purposes, such as automatic scoring (e.g. for solvency, creditability). Or the data are required by law (e.g. identification details if transactions have certain characteristics, or age verification requirements on certain adult services).

Visitor's computer system

E.g. browser type, operating system.

Aggregate Navigation and Clickstream Data/HTTP logs

Aggregate information on what pages visitors access or visit and how long they stay on each page during a browsing session.

Visitor-specific Navigation and Clickstream Data/HTTP logs

Visitor-specific information on what pages a visitor accesses or visits and how long he or she stays on each page during a browsing session.

Transaction Data

Data generated by visitors through explicit interactions such as queries to search engines, online purchases, or other similar transactions during a browsing session.