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20/04/2005 - With, you now have a one-stop-shop for OECD work on member countries.

Regular visits to one of these country Web sites will allow you to be kept informed of the latest news or events and the most recent OECD documents and publications on a given country.

From one country site, you can widen your research and compare the results of a specific country with other OECD economies, thus, fully benefiting from the OECD’s comparative approach.

To satisfy increasing demands, the Country Web sites also feature a statistical profile for each OECD country. Some 100 key statistical indicators are provided and users can compare the figures with those of the other member countries (see the table below).

Finally, the Country Web sites propose several ways of navigation: by topic, in chronological order, by document category or by language.

Main features on each Country Web Site:

  • What’s new: News, recent and forthcoming events or conferences, latest publications.
  • Country name and the OECD: ratification of the convention, role and activities of the delegation, financial contribution to the budget, etc.
  • Publications & documents: documentation listed in chronological order, by topic or document categories
  • Don’t Miss: Country profile including over 100 indicators, how to obtain OECD publications, list of translations, useful links and contact us.

Don't hesitate to send your comments or suggestions to To establish links to these Country Web sites from your Internet site, please use the following addresses:

 Country name  English site  Statistical profile
 Country portal:  
 Czech Republic:
 European Union:  
 New Zealand:
 Slovak Republic:
 United Kingdom:
 United States:


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