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OECD currently runs 4 blogs on issues facing society today. Read what OECD staff and expert guest bloggers have to say about topics as varied as unemployment, pensions, improving education and measuring progress.
Join the discussion on one or more of our blogs and make your voice heard.


The OECD Insights series of books explains the important issues facing society in a way that is clear and comprehensible. The Insights blog gives you a first look, and more importantly a voice, in shaping those explanations.


The OECD Factblog presents interesting facts and figures from all activities of OECD.


The OECD educationtoday blog discusses existing and emerging issues in education, including international student performance (PISA), skills for the 21st century, developments in higher education and early childhood learning, and more.


The ProgBlog comes out of the Global Project for Measuring the Progress of Societies and the Wikiprogress.

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