What do women do online?


March 2015 - For most people, the Internet is now part of everyday life. On average, about 80% of adults and 95% of 16-24-years-olds in the OECD use the Internet, most of them on a daily basis. And so do women, with the gender gap in Internet use closing up in a majority of OECD countries. In 2005, only 55% of women and 61% men were Internet users while these ratios have now reached 80% and 82% respectively.

Men definitely do listen more to web radios and/or watch web TV; play, download games, films or music more than women; as well as sell goods or services, create websites or blogs and download software while women typically participate more than men in social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.). Looking at trends over time shows that more women are now buying online and doing e-banking than before.

Yet, institutional, cultural or economic factors result in important differences in the use of the Internet by women across countries. For example, almost 97% of women Internet users in the Netherlands report sending e-mails but only 56% read online newspapers while in Korea these ratios are 57% and 87% respectively. Women in the United Kingdom are the most active in e-commerce but they are about the average in terms of e-baking activities.



Further reading

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