Once over the barriers to start-up, women feel as confident as men about their enterprise


March 2017 - A new online monthly survey, the Future of Business Survey, reveals encouraging findings about the level of confidence of women who own businesses with an online presence. 

Typically, countries show gender gaps in factors that are important for entrepreneurship. On average, men are more likely than women to declare that they would have access to money to set up a business and to training to help them do so. 

Data from the Future of Business Survey show, however, that women whose businesses are online feel as confident as men about their business and its current and future performance once it is up and running (see the Figure). This result suggests that policies to overcome the greater barriers women face in start-up are likely to pay off in terms of sustained business success. 

Launched in 2016, the Future of Business Survey is conducted by Facebook in cooperation with the OECD and World Bank. The survey currently covers 33 countries, which will increase to more than 60 by June 2017.


Current business status and outlook, by gender
Percentage of survey respondents declaring a positive assessment, February 2016-January 2017


Note: "Current status” andOutlookrespectively report positive replies to the questions: “How would you evaluate the current state of your business” and “What is your outlook for the next 6 months on your business?”

Source: OECD Entrepreneurship at a Glance 2017, forthcoming.




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