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The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries


The Bioeconomy to 2030 - Main Findings and Policy Conclusions 

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The Future of International Migration to OECD Countries

International Futures Programme


On average about 3.3 million migrants move to the OECD area every year.  Will this trend continue in the years ahead?  The question is difficult to answer precisely, because the factors shaping international migration flows are tremendously complex and hard to predict, as are changes in the migration policies of receiving countries.  Yet clearly decision makers in government, business and society at large would be better equipped to address the opportunities and risks if they had a better understanding of the developments likely to influence global migration over the longer term.  

This book explores the social, economic and environmental forces that may combine to attract migrants of various types and backgrounds to OECD countries, as well as those that may persuade migrants to leave their countries or to stay at home. By analysing different pull and push factors and constructing five different scenarios of migration in the future, this volume endeavours to cast light on a range of key questions.  Which factors will be major determinants of global migration flows?  Which OECD countries will look particularly attractive for migrants? Outside the OECD area, where will the pressures to migrate be especially strong? And what kind of migration-related issues will policy makers likely be facing as a result, as 2030 approaches?


Background documents: Regional Notes


West Africa - Laurent Bossard  - Top


China and South East Asia - Jeff Ducanes and Manolo Abella - Top


North Africa - Flore Gubert and Christophe J. Nordman - Top


South Asia - Prof. Binod Khadria - Top


Latin America - Jorge Martínez Pizarro Top


Russia and South East Europe - Prof. Dietrich Tränhardt - Top



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