It IS rocket science”, Article published in the OECD Insights Blog (July 2011)
21 July 2011
Space is an essential dimension of today’s world economic infrastructure, and a source of economic growth and new jobs. We’re all used to seeing satellite maps in weather forecasts, but many other applications are all around us without most people being aware of the spaceborne technologies they rely on.


Space to grow”, Article published in the OECD Observer, No 268 (June 2008)
10 June 2008
Since May 2008 passengers travelling on the Thalys high-speed train between Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam and Cologne can now access broadband thanks to technology combining the Internet and satellite communications. Review in this article some interesting aspects of broadband via satellite.


Space: More than meets the eye”, Article published in the OECD Observer, No 263 (October 2007)
1 October 2007
How big is “space” really? The industry is relatively small, but its economic and strategic importance may be as boundless as space itself. Check this article, which presents selected findings from the recently published OECD publication “The Space Economy at a Glance”.


"Space for Water" article published in @mosphere, OECD in April 2007
The management of the world’s water resources is set to become one of the most important issues of the 21st century. In that context, a case study is being conducted within the framework of the OECD Forum on Space Economics. The objective is to explore the general capabilities of space technology to enhance water resource management, and see what space systems have generated so far in terms of  socio-economic benefits and added-value in water management.  The preliminary findings presented here are mainly based on existing literature and meetings with practitioners.


"Space for the OECD" published in @mosphere, OECD in December 2006

Beyond the traditional scientific and military, how can space applications help with the range of challenges facing our societies today ? - security, the environment, disaster relief, health, education, communications, remedying the digital divide, transport... How can space help with the economy? In 2002 the IFP launched a project  to investigate the economic dimensions of space activities, and how space technologies could contribute to finding solutions to Earth’s problems. 


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