Innovation policies for space and oceans

OECD Handbook on Measuring the Space Economy




Pages: 110
Published: March 2012
ISBN 978-92-64-16862-6


This publication provides a summary of the key methodological issues surrounding indicators and statistics on the space sector and the larger space economy and is meant to be complementary to The Space Economy at a Glance 2011.

The first part of the handbook examines methodological issues including definitions and industrial classification, principal actors in the space economy and data sources. The second part looks at specific types of indicators including inputs into the space economy such as government budgets for space activities and human resources; intensity indicators showing, for example, outputs of the space manufacturing industry and space-based applications and derived services; and indicators measuring socio-economic impacts.

Table of contents


Executive summary


Part I: Basics on measuring the space economy


Chapter 1. Introduction

  • The handbook and its rationale
  • Work on space activities at OECD
  • Users of the handbook
  • Scope and content

Chapter 2. Definitions and industrial classifications

  • Definitions
  • Space in international classifications
  • Review of selected national/regional classifications
  • Envisaging ISIC reclassification and alternative measures

Chapter 3. Principal actors in the space economy

  • Actors by organisational structure
  • Actors by value chain

Chapter 4. Data sources and general methodological notes

  • Economic data sources
  • Methodological notes on economic data


Part II: Overview of indicators for the space economy


Chapter 5. Readiness indicators: Inputs to the space economy

  • Governmental budgets for space activities
  • Human resources

Chapter 6. Intensity indicators: Selected activities and outputs in the space economy

  • The manufacturing space industry
  • Space-based applications and derived services
  • International trade in selected space products
  • Innovation for future economic growth: Patents

Chapter 7. Measuring socio-economic impacts from space activities

  • Defining socio-economic impacts from space programmes
  • New commercial/industrial activities
  • Regional/national economic growth
  • Efficiency/productivity gains


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