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  • 10-February-2006

    English, , 2,232kb

    OECD Studies in Risk Management - United States: Disaster Information Needs of Ethnic Minorities

    The study develops a tool that the New Mexico Indian tribes/communities can use to assess their exposure and vulnerability to hazards, as well as their capabilities and needs for managing disaster risks.

  • 10-February-2006

    English, , 2,450kb

    OECD Studies in Risk Management - Sweden: Safety of the Elderly

    The elderly are particularly exposed in disasters. The study looks at how the situation of the elderly may evolve in the next decades and how risk and vulnerability management can be adapted accordingly.

  • 2-December-2003

    English, , 125kb

  • 15-September-2003

    English, Excel, 231kb

    Lessons Learned in Dealing with Large-Scale Disasters

    The events reviewed have affected large concentrations of people and disrupted vital systems such as energy supplies, transport and communications. They spread beyond the region originally affected and in some cases generated distrust of the ability of governments to protect people. The focus of this report is primarily on restoring trust and securing recovery after a major harmful event has occurred.

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  • 1-September-2003

    English, , 91kb

  • 17-January-2003

    English, , 2,182kb

    Emerging Risks in the 21st Century: An Agenda for Action

    What is new about major risks in the 21st Century? This report examines the underlying forces in five emerging risk domains and identifies the challenges facing OECD countries.

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  • 17-December-2002


    Space Agencies

    List of the Space Agencies in the World. Useful links for Space.

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