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The Ministerial meeting will be webcast live at http://www.oecdministerialseoul2008.org/en/iwtBoard/board.php?tn=web_casting.


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Click here for the detailed programme of the Seoul Ministerial meeting


16 June 2008
17 June 2008
18 June 2008
Stakeholder Forums
Ministerial Meeting
Ministerial Meeting
Building Confidence -
Roundtable 4




Opening Ceremony


Plenary Session

& Speakers )




Closing Ceremony

Press Briefing
Promoting Creativity -
Roundtable 3
Welcoming Reception

Photo session

Welcome and Gala Dinner
Theme Pavilion (17-20 June)
World IT Show (17-20 June)


Click here for the detailed programme of the Seoul Ministerial meeting.


Opening ceremony

The opening ceremony will feature welcoming addresses.


The Internet has become a fundamental part of our economic and social infrastructure. In this context, information and communication technology (ICT) policy should become a mainstream element of economic policy. An international and multi-stakeholder approach is key to developing and effectively putting into practice appropriate policies.

  • Setting the scene
  • Reports from the Stakeholder Forums

Improving economic performance and social welfare (Roundtable 1)

The Ministerial will consider the theme 'Improving Economic Performance and Social Welfare'; on the Internet’s role as a positive agent of change in economic performance, employment, education, health care, the environment and in the delivery of government services. It will also consider the Internet’s role in forging closer global integration of our economies and societies.



Benefiting from Convergence (Roundtable 2)

As different network platforms (for data, voice and video) converge toward the Internet Protocol, new services and business models are created, along with new opportunities and challenges for ensuring competitive service delivery. The theme on Benefiting from Convergence includes:

  • Principles for convergence and the transition to next generation high speed networks; 
  • Guidance to help consumers transition to a converged network;
    The efforts required by all stakeholders to deploy the newer version of the Internet protocol, IPv6; and
  • Policies for evolving wireless, RFID and sensor networks.


Promoting Creativity (Roundtable 3)

The Internet enables innovation by changing the way activities are organised, enabling interactions, and opening up democratic processes. The theme on Promoting Creativity will focus on:

  • Benefiting from the evolution of ICT-enabled research and innovation including their potential to address global challenges;
  • Facilitating digital content development, access and use, including public sector information; and
  • Enabling the growth of the participative web and its potential for economic and social development.


Building Confidence (Roundtable 4)

As it becomes a key conduit for economic and social activity, the Internet also attracts fraud and malicious practices of increasing scope and sophistication that threaten consumer and user confidence. The theme on Building Confidence will consider policies for:

  • Multi-stakeholder, cross-border co-operation to enforce privacy, security and consumer protection laws;
  • Ensuring the security of critical information infrastructures and combating malicious software;
  • Empowering consumers on line; ensuring fair mobile commerce transactions and combating online identity theft;
  • Protecting individuals’ digital identities; and
  • Better protecting minors online.



A Global Internet Economy (Roundtable 5)

To expand the opportunities enabled by the Internet to the next several billion users, there is a need for a better understanding of the key factors in its successful growth, to date, and the challenges for further development. This session will examine policies and practices needed to expand the ability of the Internet to support economic and social development around the world. This includes greater access to ICTs and the capacity building required to take advantage of the opportunities they create for people in developing countries.

"Meeting of Ministers" and "Interactive Panel of Experts" (Parallel sessions)

The session, for Ministers and government officials only, will conclude discussions on the Seoul Declaration on the Future of the Internet Economy. 

The interactive panel of experts will focus on future technological development of ICTs and their implications for the Internet Economy over the coming decade. This session is open to all stakeholder communities. 


Closing ceremony

  • Presentation of the Seoul Declaration on the Future of the Internet Economy
  • Stakeholders’ final statements
  • Conference conclusions and closing



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