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I am the Future of Work Roadshow: Mexico 2020


- About the event


Participants at Future of Work roadshow in MexicoThe roadshow event included a panel debate and interactive workshop on the future of work, among other activities. The day was run in association with Territorium Life, Celaya University, Avaya, Council of Communication and ANUIES. 

3 March 2020, 8am-4pm - Centre for Innovation and Development of ANUIES, Mexico city (MEXICO) 

This roadshow event is part of a series of national conversations organised in the context of the "I am the future of work" campaign, to learn how people are preparing for the future of work. 


- Agenda


9:00 – Opening

9:30 – Panel: the future of work

11:00 – ‘Futubers’ #IamtheFutureofWork video competition awards*

11:30 – World Café workshop on the four main topics of social protection, digitalisation, job quality, and skills and learning

13:30 – Immersive photo exhibition


- Opening speakers and panellists


Marco Antonio Mena Rodríguez - Governor, State of Tlaxcala

Jaime Valls - Secretary General, National Association of Universities and Institutions of Higher Education ANUIES

Geraldina Herrera - Mexican Deputy, Mexican Congress

Anthony Gooch Gálvez - Edith Bernáldez, General Director of the General Directorate of International Relations, Ministry of Education

Soledad Aragón - Secretary of Labour and Employment Promotion, Government of Mexico City

Andrea Escobedo Lastiri - Government & Regulatory Affairs, IBM Mexico

Guillermo Elizondo - CEO, Territorium Life

Daniel Gutiérrez - Lead singer, La Gusana Ciega

Alejandro Salafranca - Head of the Decent Work Unit of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security

Veerle Miranda - Senior Economist, OECD



Mexico Roadshow event - World Cafe session group discussion   Mexico I am the Future of Work Roadshow 2020- event attendees   Panel participants at the I am the Future of Work Mexico Roadshow 2020


 *The winning videos of the Futubers competition were Maryam Sanchez GonzalezRodrigo Marcial AlvarezBernada Bravo PerezRicardo Valaquez GarciaAbril Guadalupe Gonzalez and Math2Me (María González and José Andalón). 




This event was organised with the partnership of IBM who are supporting the worldwide I am the Future of Work roadshow series. 


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