• 9-September-2014

    English, PDF, 1,487kb

    Education at a Glance 2014: France (English)

    The level of educational attainment in France has risen considerably in the past 40 years. This increase has been even more pronounced with regard to higher education.

  • 9-September-2014

    French, PDF, 1,439kb

    Regards sur l'éducation 2014 : France

    Le niveau de formation a considérablement augmenté en France depuis 40 ans ; cette tendance est d’ailleurs encore plus marquée pour l’enseignement tertiaire.

  • 3-September-2014

    English, PDF, 162kb

    OECD Employment Outlook 2014 - Key findings for France

    The unemployment rate stabilised in recent months in France, but remains very high, at 10.3% in July 2014 compared to 7.4% on average in the OECD area. Over the past couple of years, many countries have experienced a significant decline in unemployment, leaving France lagging behind in terms of labour market recovery from the global financial crisis.

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  • 9-July-2014

    English, PDF, 785kb

    PISA 2012 financial literacy results - France (english)

    PISA 2012 financial literacy results focusing on the performance of France amongst 17 other countries and economies who participated in the assessment: Australia, Belgium (Flemish Community), Shanghai-China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Israel, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain and the United States

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  • 9-July-2014

    French, PDF, 291kb

    Résultats PISA 2012 sur la culture financière: France

    Résultats pour la France de PISA 2012 sur la culture financière en comparaison avec 17 autres pays et économies qui ont participé à l'évaluation: l'Australie, la Belgique (Communauté flamande), Shanghai-Chine, Colombie, Croatie, République tchèque, Estonie, Israël, Italie, Lettonie, nouvelle-Zélande, Pologne, Russie, République slovaque, la Slovénie, l'Espagne et les États-Unis

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  • 8-July-2014

    French, PDF, 4,532kb

    France: Restoring competitiveness

    Enhancing the productivity and competitiveness of the French economy will demand action on innovation and research, competition, education and vocational training, as well as on the functioning of the labour market, on public-sector efficiency, and on fiscal policy.

  • 3-July-2014


    OECD Health Statistics 2014 - Country Notes

    Specific country notes have been prepared using data from the database OECD Health Statistics 2014, June 2014 version. The notes are available in PDF format.

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  • 27-June-2014

    English, PDF, 432kb

    OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: France - Overall assessment and recommendations

    France has a longstanding scientific and technical tradition, but to boost competitiveness and accelerate economic growth, it needs to fully exploit its innovation potential. This review highlights the need to encourage private-sector innovation, make public research institutions more accountable and channel more funds into the most promising R&D projects.

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  • 25-June-2014

    French, PDF, 387kb

    Résultats de l’Enquête internationale sur l’enseignement et l’apprentissage 2013 (TALIS): France

    La plupart des enseignants en France se disent satisfaits de leur métier (86 %). En France, 58 % des enseignants pensent que les avantages d’exercer ce métier compensent ses inconvénients (contre 77 % pour la moyenne TALIS). Mais seuls 5 % des enseignants en France pensent que leur métier est valorisé dans la société, soit bien moins que la moyenne TALIS (31 %).

  • 25-June-2014

    English, PDF, 519kb

    Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS)- Country Note - France

    Country notes highlight some key findings from TALIS 2013 for individual countries and economies

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