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Well-being and mental health – Towards an integrated policy approach


Successful strategies to promote good population mental health will need to take a holistic and people-centred view recognising that the ability to thrive depends on the broader living conditions and quality of life experienced by individuals, families and communities.

While mental health has come to the forefront of public debate during the COVID-19 crisis, it already accounted for one of the largest and fastest growing categories of the global burden of disease prior to the pandemic. The OECD WISE Centre is launching a new project applying a well-being lens to population mental health, drawing on the different economic, social, environmental and relational dimensions of people’s lives highlighted by the OECD’s Well-being Framework, and building on synergies with the whole-of-government approaches to well-being now under development in a number of countries. In particular, this project will outline what is needed to improve the quality and availability of comparable data on population-wide mental health status, establish how well-being approaches can serve as additional tool for further policy integration, and help shine a light on areas where more work is needed.




How to Make Societies Thrive? Coordinating Approaches to Promote Well-being and Mental Health examines the way people's mental health interlink with their economic, social, environmental, relational and political experiences.




Measuring Population Mental Health aims to support national statistical offices and other data producers in collecting high-quality measures of population mental health outcomes in a more frequent, consistent and internationally harmonised manner.



Well-being and mental health – Towards an integrated policy approach, 6-9 December 2021

This conference, organised with the OECD Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, brought together policy makers, leading academics, data producers and people with lived experience to deepen the understanding of the interrelationships between mental health and people’s economic, social, environmental and relational well-being.

Conference opening - 6 December 2021 (Video)

Integrated approaches to mental health: Where do we stand, where do we need to go next? 6 December 2021 (Video)

Lessons learned from integrated mental health policy in practice - 7 December 2021 (Video)

Measuring population mental health: Recent advances and challenges - 7 December 2021 (Video)

Policies to support young people’s mental health - 8 December 2021 (Video)

Well-being and mental health: Material conditions - 8 December 2021 (Video)

Well-being and mental health: Quality of life8 December 2021 (Video)

Well-being and mental health: Community relations - 9 December 2021 (Video)

Well-being and mental health: Sustainability - 9 December 2021 (Video)












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