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OECD Workshop on "Building an Efficient Bio-based Economy through Industrial Biotechnology" - St Petersburg


Workshop Agenda and Presentations


As a follow up to the Outlook on Industrial Biotechnology Workshop organised in January 2010, a workshop entitled “” was held in St Petersburg, Russian Federation, on 28-29 October 2010. Hosted by the Russian Federation Ministry of Science and Education. 
This workshop aimed to:


1)  Identify key issues that countries face while building a bio-based economy; and
2) Develop a set of practical solutions to overcome these issues.

It was specifically focused on subjects relevant to the BRICS countries.
The delivery of sustainable economic growth across multiple disciplines is a high priority on the policy agendas of the OECD member and non-member countries. Reviewing the industrial biotechnology innovation systems of these countries provides an excellent opportunity to evaluate the contribution to sustainable growth of this highly innovative and complex industrial sector. While the bio-based economy-related issues of OECD countries have been largely studied; those of the BRICS countries have not been duly addressed. In fact, many non-OECD countries have already developed and implemented national policies aimed to foster the development of these bio-based economies. This workshop attempted to evaluate the efficacy of such policies and their impact on the delivery of national bio-based economies.
The workshop was structured around three main themes:
• Governmental policy for the development of bio-based economy – sharing experiences.
• Business environment for the bio-based economy: towards sustainability.
• Building efficient cooperation in the global bio-based economy.

A workshop report with main workshop messages and recommendations will be made available shortly

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