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Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology


Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology are part of the core industrial sectors, which drives the transition of the main body of manufacturing sectors (e.g. IT, pharmaceutical, chemical, automotive, textile, food/feed, agriculture, etc.) towards more sustainable and greener economic and environmental models. The direct application of biotechnology to the environment (e.g. bioremediation, biosensors) is of high relevance for many OECD countries. 


A workshop was recently held on Industrial Biotechnology: OECD Discussion Panel on the Development of Strategies for Measuring and Reporting Sustainability of Bio-based Energy and Products in Washington DC.  Click here for Workshop summary and presentations.


A workshop was held on Environmental Biotechnology:


A workshop was held on OECD Workshop on "Building an Efficient Bio-based Economy through Industrial Biotechnology" - St Petersburg


Recent reports:


Report on Industrial Biotechnology and Climate Change: Opportunities and Challenges


Towards the Development of OECD Best Practices for Assessing the Sustainability of Bio-based Products


Click here for more information on both areas


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