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Symposium on Human Factors of Transport Technology for Older Persons


OECD and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology co-sponsored a two-day symposium titled: “Human Factors of Transport Technology for Older Persons.” This event was held on 23-24 September 2003 on the campus of M.I.T. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a follow-up to the best-selling publication "Transport and Ageing: Mobility Needs and Safety Issues,” the objective of this symposium was to explore and expand our knowledge of technology’s impact on ageing populations in order to provide for their safe, lifelong mobility. As OECD countries prepare for a sharp increase in the number of senior citizens, a better understanding of older persons’ ability to use transport technology is particularly relevant. This event featured experts from diverse disciplines from the private and public sectors to discuss how the human-machine interface is impacted by the medical, cognitive and physical capabilities of older adults.


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