Politiques scientifiques, technologiques et d'innovation


The Digitalisation of Science, Technology and Innovation

Key Developments and Policies

This report examines digitalisation’s effects on science, technology and innovation and the associated consequences for policy. In varied and far-reaching ways, digital technologies are changing how scientists work, collaborate and publish. While examining these developments, this book also assesses the effects of digitalisation on longstanding policy themes, from access to publicly funded research data, to the diffusion of technology and its absorption by firms. New and emerging topics are also explored. These include the roles of artificial intelligence and blockchain in science and production, using digital technology to draw on the collective intelligence of the scientific community, advances in the digitalisation of biotechnology, and possible "dark sides" of digitalisation.

Published on February 11, 2020


Acronyms, abbreviations and units of measure
Executive Summary
An overview of key developments and policies
How are science, technology and innovation going digital? The statistical evidence
Digital technology, the changing practice of science and implications for policy
Digital innovation: Cross-sectoral dynamics and policy implications
Artificial intelligence, digital technology and advanced production
Digitalisation in the bioeconomy: Convergence for the bio-based industries
The digitalisation of science and innovation policy
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