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OECD Internet Economy Outlook



ISBN: 978-92-64-08645-6
Pages: 302
Published: October 2012

The Internet is now a fundamental infrastructure supporting the economy and is firmly in its second stage of development, having evolved from a data network connecting PCs with wires to a much broader network of new portable devices from mobile phones to tablet computers. It is also on the cusp of a much larger expansion to objects that typically did not have communications capabilities: the “Internet of things” is projected to have more connections than the people using them. This raises many important socio-economic and political issues for stakeholders to consider, as economies and societies become increasingly inter-meshed.


Introduction. Expanding connectivity and measuring the Internet economy

Chapter 1. ICTs, the Internet and the crisis: Macro trends

Chapter 2. Internet trends and development

Chapter 3. Internet adoption and use: Households and individuals

Chapter 4. Internet adoption and use: Businesses

Chapter 5. Developments in digital content

Chapter 6. ICTs for health and ageing

Chapter 7. Security and privacy

Chapter 8. Government priorities and policy developments

Annex. Methodological considerations

Interactive charts

Wireless Internet access overtaking fixed broadband subscriptions



Internet access in OECD households, 2011 or latest available year



Broadband connections in OECD households, 2011 or latest available year



Businesses with a broadband connection, 2011 or latest available year



Performance trends of top 250 ICT firms, 2000-2011



Growth in monthly output in computer and related services,  December 2007-April 2012



Employment trends in the top 250 ICT firms by sector, 2000-11


OECD iEconomy application

This mobile application, available for free download on iTunes provides a statistical overview of the Internet economy in a format designed for mobile devices.

It offers quick access to data on employment, connectivity, business usage, security and privacy related to the Internet economy.

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