The Way Forward


Outcomes of the Istanbul World Forum

The discussions at the Istanbul World Forum have convinced the OECD of the need to embark on a Global Project to Measure the Progress of Societies. This will be run with a number of partners including the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme, the World Bank and others.

Much remains to be decided with our partners but a number of aspects of the project are beginning to take shape already.

  • We want to work with partners to set up regional working groups. Plans are already underfoot to set up regional working groups for the Arab region, Africa and Latin America. We hope to set up other groups in due course to cover the rest of the world.
  • We will launch a new website that will become the world wide focal point for those wanting to measure – or understand – the progress of their societies. This will be based on an interactive – web 2.0 – approach.
  • We will work with others to develop new ICT tools to develop better ways to bring indicators to the public.
  • We will prepare a handbook that summarises best practice for those wanting to embark on a measuring progress style project.
  • We will begin collaborative research into developing a better understanding of the ways in which indicators guide decision making  - both among the general public and the policy making sector.
  • We will undertake research into developing better indicators of progress in some of the important new and complex areas of life (like social cohesion, subjective well being, good governance).
  • We will create a scientific advisory panel to ensure that the research and scientific community has a chance to influence the project’s direction.
  • We will prepare regional events and other meetings to try to engage as much as the world as possible.
  • We will begin preparations for a 3rd World Forum in 2009.


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