People and Organisations who signed the Istanbul Declaration


At the end of the Istanbul World Forum (27-30 June 2007),  6 international and supranational organisations affirmed in a declaration their commitment to measuring and fostering the progress of societies in all dimensions, with the ultimate goal of improving policy making, democracy and citizens’ wellbeing.

They invite both public and private organisations to contribute to this ambitious effort to foster the world’s progress and they welcome initiatives at the local, regional, national and international levels.

Read the Istanbul Declaration:


Other organisations have joined this global effort after the Forum.


First organisations to sign the Istanbul Declaration:

  • European Commission
  • Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
  • Organisation of the Islamic Conference
  • United Nations
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
  • World Bank


Other organisations who signed the Istanbul Declaration:

  • Economic and Statistical Observatory for Sub-Saharan Africa (AFRISTAT)
  • European Free Trade Association (EFTA)
  • Gallup Organization Europe
  • International Labour Office (ILO)
  • International Statistical Institute
  • The Lisbon Council
  • United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)
  • United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
  • United Nations Office for Partnerships
  • United Nations University - Comparative Regional Integration Studies (UNU-CRIS) 
  • Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats
  • Atkinson Charitable Foundation, Toronto, Canada
  • Centro de Estudos Africanos Universidade do Porto
  • European-Atlantic Diplomatic Academy
  • The Danish Association of Environment and Nature Protection Officers (EnviNa Denmark)
  • Foro Consultivo Científico y Tecnológico
  • Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies (STATEC)
  • International Federation of Environmental Health
  • McCaughey Centre
  • Statistic National Institute (INE), Honduras
  • Market Intelligence Center of Institute for Information Industry
  • One Big Idea Consulting Limited, NZ
  • Pollution Probe
  • Social Weather Stations
  • Telema
  • The State of USA
  • The Global Social Change Research Project



Individuals who signed the Istanbul Declaration:

  • Sonja Rekker-Weber Economist, Observatory for Competitiveness - Ministry of economics and foreign trade, Luxemburg
  • Mahar Mangahas, President of Social Weather Stations
  • Emmanuel Kontopirakis PhD. Secretary General, National Statistical Service. Greece
  • Ufuk Acar, KOSGEB-Small and Medium Industry
  • Hana Mohamed Ameen, Advisor for Academic Affairs, Minister's Office, Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman 
  • Martin Balepa, General Director of AFRISTAT
  • Akbar Bin Ali, Executive Director, State Implementation Directorate, Melaka, Malaysia
  • Zainal Bin Hussin, Deputy State Secretary (Development), State Economic Planning Unit, Melaka, Malaysia
  • Susan Brutschy, President, Applied Survey Research, United States
  • Marc Callens, Senior Researcher, Research Center of the Flemish Government, Belgium
  • Miguel De Castro, Director General of Statistical Infrastructure, National Statistics Institute, Spain
  • Ahmed Elmaouha, French teacher, Morocco
  • Cihan Ergul,Keyspan Energy Corporation, Quantitative Analyst 
  • Paul Forseth, Member of Parliament, Canada (1993-2006)
  • José de Jesús García Vega, Director del Centro de Estudios sobre el Bienestar, Universidad de Monterrey, Mexico
  • B. Sanya Juliuson, C Dipl, Director-General, European-Atlantic Diplomatic Academy, City of London, England
  • Mudar Kassis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Birzeit University, Palestine
  • Roefie Hueting, Economist, Statistics Netherlands 
  • Michael Keating, Executive Director, Sustainability Reporting Program, 10 Astor Avenue, Toronto, Ontarion, Canada M4G 3M2
  • Richard Layard, Professor, Director - Well-Being Programme, London School of Economics/Centre for Economic Performance, United Kingdom
  • Alex C. Michalos, Chancellor, University of Northern British Columbia, Canada
  • Francois Ndengwe, Telema
  • K.kaya Pacaci, Telecommunication Expert, Sectoral Research and Strategies Dept, Turkish Telecommunications Authority
  • Horia Liviu Popa, Professor, Director – Timisoara Regional Competitiveness Centre, Politehnica University of Timisoara / Timisoara Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture, Romania

  • Kenneth Prewitt, Carnegie Professor of Public Affairs, School of International & Public Affairs, Columbia University,NYC, United States
  • John Renesch, futurist
  • Antonia M Robinson, Dr, PhD, C Dipl, Director/Member of the Board, Association of Certified Commercial Diplomats, Greater London, England
  • The Honourable Roy J. Romanow, P.C., O.C., Q.C.; Founding Chair, CIW Network Board Commissioner on the Future of Health Care in Canada; and Former Premier of Saskatchewan
  • Héctor Ávila Rosas, Instituto Nacional de Pediatría, Researcher in Medical Sciences
  • Sergio J. Sánchez S., General Director, Statistic National Institute (INE), Honduras
  • Luay Shabaneh, President, Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics, Palestine
  • Romulo A. Virola, Secretary General, National Statistical Coordination Board, Philippines
  • Christopher Hoenig, President and CEO, The State of the USA


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