Exhibition: Products and Activities that will be showcased


Some organisations will arrange training sessions (for example explaining how best to use their databases). Other organisations and companies will use demos on computers so that visitors can test their products. There will be a presentation area where exhibiting organisations will be able to speak about their work and then arrange face-to-face discussions with people interested in their activities.
Some organisations will promote new progress indicators and will give background information in their stand. Others will provide general information about their activities.


The exhibition will contain:

  • Comprehensive indicator systems: there are many successful indicator initiatives measuring progress at the local, regional, national, or international level.
  • Databases: powerful databases with a high level of inter-country comparability have been developed by public and private organisations;
  • Videos: films and videos have been developed by some organisations to explain the importance of the use of statistics in policy-making, to present concrete experiences aimed to foster progress of regions, communities, etc.;
  • Computer based animations: based on a mix of dynamic maps and graphs, they are powerful tools that go beyond simple data presentation;
  • Web sites: innovative web sites, blogs and interactive web-based tools have been created to discuss policies and debate the evidence provided by statistical indicators;
  • Software: the Forum will be a unique opportunity for software companies to meet data users and present their latest products and services;
  • E-learning for statistics: democracy requires informed citizens. Experiences to develop statistical e-learning courses/tools for citizens will be presented.


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