France Médias Monde, Deutsche Welle & ANSA

Launched on March 2017


InfoMigrants is a multilingual news website for migrants to counter misinformation at every point of their journey: in their country of origin, along the route, or in the places where they hope to start a new life. The website is available in five different languages: French, Arabic, English, Dari and Pashto.


While migrants need verified and balanced information in order to make informed decisions for themselves, they often face difficulties to access such information at various stages of their migratory journey. Even before they leave their homes, migrants are exposed to a proliferation of poor and unreliable information. Studies show that the majority of migrants receive most of their information from human traffickers and smugglers, who seek to mislead and manipulate them.


InfoMigrants is operated through a collaboration of three major European media sources: France Médias Monde (France 24, Radio France International, Monte Carlo Doualiya), the German public broadcaster Deutsche Welle, and the Italian press agency ANSA. The project is co-financed by the European Union.


Since a significant share of migrants predominantly uses smart phones and social media to connect with the world and with family members and friends, InfoMigrants is accessible via multiple online platforms such as mobile phones and social media.



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