“I Am European”: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century


“I Am European: Migration Stories & Facts for the 21st Century” is a collective project initiated by a network of civil society organisations in 9 EU countries:  Estonia, Lithuania, Germany, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia and Czech Republic. It is implemented under the lead of the Estonian NGO Mondo. The aim of the project is to foster open and inclusive attitudes towards migrants and refugees in Europe, especially among youth.


In order to reach this target group, the partner organisations specifically aim to reach out to young journalists in their respective countries and engage them in creating balanced and fact-based media content on migration issues. All young journalists involved in the programme profit from scholarships, study trips and training workshops, enabling them to create well-informed and balanced reporting on such issues.


Another focus group of the project consists in youth activists, teachers and other multipliers of knowledge on migration issues. Through targeted trainings and collective production and sharing of education materials, these multiplies are enabled to better involve young people in a critical and fact-based dialogue on migration.

 I am European

The project also features locally targeted social media campaigns in all participating countries. Since the project start in 2019, 25 social media campaigns have been implemented and its educational programmes reached 589 multiplies as well as 458 young journalists with an audience of 1.4 million. Further up-to-date information on the project outcomes can be found here. The project is funded under the framework of the EU Development Education and Awareness Raising Programme (DEAR).


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