Global Migration Media Academy


The Global Migration Media Academy is a joint initiative of the International Organisation for Migration and the non-profit organisation Irish Aid. Operating since 2022, it serves as a platform for a global coalition of migration experts, academics and media professionals, providing tailored education programmes for media communication students as well as journalists in multiple languages.

Global Migration Media Academy

In doing so, the academy aims to close an existing gap in the education of journalists when it comes to migration and commits to provide fact-based, balanced and diverse viewpoints and to promote new voices in the field by eliminating barriers to professional development in journalism.

In the foundation course of the academy, participants receive a basic education about the different trends, developments, policies and laws governing migration, and what ethical and effective migration reporting looks like. It also offers the opportunity to gain practical experience in creating compelling alternative and engaging stories on migration and the migrant experience. To learn more about the Global Migration Media Academy and its free courses, visit


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