Diversity is Tasty


Bulgaria / Multi Kulti Collective, A national media campaign

November 2014 – January 2016


Diversity is Tasty was a Bulgarian national media campaign that put the culinary added-value of foreigners (EU citizens and third country nationals, including refugees) in the Bulgarian culture under the spotlight. It aimed at fighting discrimination, xenophobia and hate speech, by celebrating diversity.

The project first collected 31 personal stories and 83 authentic recipes through meetings with 31 foreigners living in Bulgaria. Professional images of both the dishes and the cooks were then produced. Stories, recipes and photos were used as promotional material for the media strategy, along with a dedicated website, a presentation video, 30,000 paper post cards with recipes and 15 web banners. Diversity is Tasty was positively welcomed by 25 influential media such as Bulgaria’s National Television, National Radio and BBC Good Food, which accepted to partner with the project. The post cards were distributed in 12 Bulgarian cities. In addition, Sofia University, in collaboration with UNHCR, the Association of European Journalists and the Council of Refugee Women, partnered with the project team to host a training on migration/integration for 36 students and media professionals. 2 cooking classes for food bloggers were also hosted by five of the participating migrants. To actively involve Bulgarian citizens in the campaign, they were invited to prepare and post a picture of their version of foreign dishes featured in the project, in order to win vouchers for free meals at selected restaurants offering international cuisine. Winners were announced during the Diversity is Tasty photo exhibition organised in Sofia which was attended by 600 visitors at the opening evening alone.

The campaign was welcomed very positively by national and local media mostly because it offered a professional original ready-to-publish content – texts, images, video, etc. In times when journalists are getting less and less in most press rooms, it’s highly appreciated to be provided with high quality stories. 127 materials have been published/broadcasted in national and local media in total. The posts in the social media were more than 40.



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 Copyright: Stefan Suchev for Multi Kulti Collective

“We heard from many people who were touched by the campaign, including a young mother from a small town who cooked a traditional Syrian soup for her family. She was provoked to think about the Syrian mothers who also cook the same dish for their children. Imagining how difficult it must be to raise kids on the run, the Bulgarian mother decided to do something she has never done before – to organize a local donation campaign and collect toys for the refugee children. It was very inspiring to see that a media campaign may provoke such a generous act of solidarity!”

- Bistra Ivanova, project manager



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