Rule of Law


Why does the Rule of Law and Access to Justice matter?

An estimated four billion people around the world live outside the protection of the law, mostly because they are poor or marginalized within their societies (Delivering Access to Justice for All- Issues Brief, 2016). 

Lack of legal accountability allows local corruption to undermine economies, diverting resources from where they are most needed. Lengthy delays in processing legal cases inhibit individual economic activity, while the inability to enforce contracts deters people from entering into them. Overcrowded prisons are full of poor people waiting months or even years for a first trial, forced to sacrifice employment opportunities and unable to support their families. Women, who often face multiple forms of discrimination, violence and sexual harassment, are particularly affected by legal exclusion.

Addressing these legal challenges is essential to enabling the basic protection of human rights.

MENA countries have expressed a strong demand for OECD assistance in reinforcing legal principles for economic and social development. The MENA-OECD Governance Programme responds to this demand through its country projects and capacity building programmes to increase respect for the rule of law and elevate citizens’ confidence in the integrity of the judiciary system and other public institutions.


Access to Justice and the Rule of Law assists MENA countries in:

  1. Access to justice and efficiency and public trust in the judicial bodies and court system.

  2. Legal security for citizens and businesses.

  3. Trust in government and promoting social and economic performance.

G7 Deauville Partnership

The MENA Transition Fund of the G7 Deauville Partnership supports the efforts of Egypt and Yemen in reinforcing the rule of law. 


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Country Projects


  • Iraq: Building Law Drafting Capacities of the KRG Shura Council

Regulatory Reform and the Rule of Law

Working Group IV promotes MENA and OECD countries and international experts to exchange good regulatory reform practices and discuss how to ensure effective access to justice services. 


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