Background Documents


 Background Documents


Regulatory Impact Analysis in OECD Countries: Challenges for Developing Countries (EnglishFrenchعربي)


This paper analyses the use of Regulatory Impact Analysis (RIA) in OECD member states and identifies challenges faced by developing countries when formulating and implementing impact analysis. RIA examines and measures the likely benefits, costs and effects of new or changed regulations. It provides decision-makers with valuable empirical data and a comprehensive framework, which they can use to assess different options and consequences of their decisions to ensure justified and appropriate actions.



Background Document on Regulatory Reform in OECD Countries (English Français عربي


This background document gives an overview of developments of regulatory reform in OECD countries. In an internationally competitive environment of rapid change in economic, social and technological conditions, the role of regulations is crucial. Key elements of regulatory reform, such as capacity-building, consultation and constituency development aim at enhancing regulatory quality by building a predictable legal framework within which businesses and citizens can act, plan and invest.



Draft Regional Framework for Regulatory Quality (English French)


The establishment of a Regional Framework for Regulatory Quality for the Middle East and North Africa Region has been highlighted by participating Arab countries as a key priority during past activities in the framework of the Good Governance for Development in Arab Countries Initiative. A Regional Framework for Regulatory Quality can provide useful information for those countries in the region interested in integrating principles of good quality regulation into the policy-making process and in moving closer to good international practices



Background Document on Oversight Bodies for Regulatory Reform (2008) (English)                     

This background document analyses the characteristics of the existing oversight bodies in selected OECD countries and general good practices. Oversight bodies can contribute to establishing a long-term concept for Regulatory Reform by co-ordinating, supervising, advising, supporting and encouraging good practices to all parties involved in the reform process.



Background Document on Public Consultation (English)                                                    


This background document explores different mechanisms of public consultation and good practices in selected OECD countries. Public consultation gives citizens and businesses the opportunity to give active input in regulatory decisions. It can improve the credibility and legitimacy of government action and increase acceptance by those affected. This regulatory institution can promote high quality regulations, identification of more effective alternatives, lower costs to business and administration, better compliance, and faster regulatory responses to changing conditions.



Background Document on Online Registers for Laws, Regulations and Business Formalities (English)


This background document presents different ICT tools used by OECD countries to simplify administrative procedures and improve dissemination of legal information to business actors and citizens. Through well-built online registries for Laws, Regulations and Business Formalities, regulation users can easily identify the administrative processes required of them. Online registers can contribute to reinforcing the transmission of information between government and citizens, opening communication channels and making the regulatory system more reliable.



Questionnaire on Elements to Build Capacities for Regulatory Impact Assessment (EnglishFrench )



Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) Pilot Projects (English)


Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) has been identified by participating Arab countries as a priority issue in the course of the Good Governance for Development (GfD) in Arab Countries Initiative. As a response, the Focus Group on Regulatory Reform of the Working Group IV of the GfD Initiative is proposing to carry out country-based Pilot Projects in countries of the MENA region in close co-operation with OECD country officials.


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