Abstracts for the Parallel Group Sessions, IMHE General Conference 2004


Abstracts Theme 1

* Amaral Alberto, The internationalisation of Portuguese Higher Education : How are HEIs facing this new challenge?
* Buttner Herma, New IDEAs for Internationalisation within the Knowledge Society
* Calderon Angel, Trade Liberalisation, Regional Agreements and Implications for Tertiary Education
* Costello Fergal, A policy perspective from the Higher Education Authority (HEA) -Summary of policy positions and proposals
* Hannibalsson Ingjaldur, University Management in Different Cultures
*Kuzminov Yaroslav, Challenges and Opportunities of Educational reforms: the case of Russia * Mederly Peter, New Way of Funding in Slovak Higher Education
* Oba Jun, The Incorporation of the National University in Japan. First Reactions from New National University Corporations
* Papadakis Nikos, Beyond the “Ivory Tower” perceptions. Higher Education Policy in the Public Policy complex. The role of the Bologna Process
* Saint-Gérand Jacques Philippe, Présentation du système universitaire français dans le cadre de l'espace européen d'enseignement supérieur
* Stone Michael, “Hong Kong Higher Education Sector – An Interlocking Yet Differentiated System”
* Zach Wolfgang, The New University Legislation in Austria: Fiscal and Organizational Changes and their Effects


Abstracts Theme 2

* Casson Andrew, Widening Access through Partnerships with Working Life .
* Livernois John, Where are the Boys ? Gender Imbalance in Higher Education
* Opheim Vibeke & Helland, Evaluation of the Competence Reform in Norway: Access to Higher Education Based on non-Formal Learning
* Stone Cathy, Promoting an Integrated Campus-wide Approach to First Year Student Retention

Abstracts Theme 3

* Denman Brian, What is a University in the 21st Century?
* Kang, Wang, Song Feiyu, China Promoting a Lifelong Learning Society in China….. The Attempts by Tsinghua University
* Kantanen Helena, Civic Mission & Social Responsibility. New Challenges for the Practice of Public Relations in Higher Education
* Kitagawa Fumi, Can we Construct our Advantage? Regional Contribution of Japanese Universities in the Global Knowledge Society
* Knight Jane and De Wit Hans Internationalization Issues, Actors and Questions: A Comparative Regional Analysis
* Lahorgue Maria Alice, La gestion des relations avec l’industrie : le cas des universities brésiliennes.
* Mora José-Ginés, Monetary Rewards & Competences of Young European Graduates
* Troquet Michel, PME et Université, entrepreneuriat et gouvernance : les nouveaux moteurs du développement


Abstracts Theme 4

* De Jonghe Anne-Marie, Transformation processes without tensions?
* Harman Grant, Political instruments employed by governments to enhance university research and knowledge transfer capacity
* Houghton John, Changing Research Practices and Research Infrastructure Development
* Saglamer & Karakullukçu Gülsün & Memduh, Heading for Knowledge Creation. Towards Research Based University Structure
* Stiekema Esther, Innovation in the Netherlands : Toward Guidelines for Knowledge Transfer.

Abstracts Theme 5

* Cemmell James, Universities and Society, Maximising Social Capital through Governance. A Study from Slovenia
* Dobson Ian, Monash University - Australia Broken down by Sex and Age: Australian University Staffing Patterns 1994-2003.
* Meyer Luanna, Collegial Participation in University Governance: A Case Study of Institutional Change
* Paewai Shelley, Managing Academic Workloads & Meeting Requirements Whilst Respecting the Academic Culture
* Stonis Janis, Towards Higher Education Market


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