Date 24-25 September 2019    San Pedro Sula, Honduras      

The Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum brings together high-level competition officials each year to promote dialogue, consensus building and networking among policy makers and enforcers in the region. The 2019 Forum took place in San Pedro Sula, Honduras on 24 25 September 2019, and was hosted by the Comisión para la Defensa y Promoción de la Competencia (CDPC).

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2019 Latin American and Caribbean Competition Forum

Session 1. Fining methodologies for competition law infringements

Session 2. Peer Review of El Salvador's Competition Law and Policy

Session 3. Practical approaches to assessing digital platform markets for enforcement

Other meetings

23 September 2019 (afternoon): Special session: Peer Review of Mexico's Competition Law and Policy
24 September 2019 (morning): National Competition Day of Honduras
26 September 2019 (morning): Ibero-American Forum on Competition 
26 September 2019 (afternoon): Meeting of the Latin American Regional Centre for Competition (bilingual)


This conference is a paper-smart event organised in line with OECD greening policies.
Only copies of the programme will be available in the meeting room.