The State of Higher Education 2013



This report, released on 1 December 2013, is the result of carefully culling through OECD publications relating to higher education. Many of the Organisation’s in-depth studies and analyses over several years from various Directorates have revealed important information about higher education, yet this information is scattered and sometimes difficult to find among a wealth of data.

The impetus behind this publication was a motivation to provide an essential service to members of the OECD’s Higher Education Programme. Sympathetic to higher education leaders under time pressure, yet who can make good use of relevant and timely higher education data, the Higher Education Programme seeks to support the essential work of members working in the field.

The State of Higher Education publication is part of the OECD Higher Education Programme membership package.

The 2013 report is the first of what will be produced as an annual publication for exclusive access by members of the Programme.

If your organisation is a member of the Programme, please contact for your PDF copy of the full publication, or download the Executive Summary.

Contents of the full publication

edited by Anna Glass

  • Editorial: Major challenges facing higher education around the globe by Peter Coaldrake
  • Chapter 1: Higher education returns and financing
  • Chapter 2: Higher education, the labour market, skills and employers’ expectations
  • Chapter 3: Quality in higher education: lessons from the feasibility study for an assessment of higher education learning outcomes (AHELO)

Articles by experts

  • Chapter 4: Key tensions and debates surrounding institutional autonomy and academic freedom by Holta Vrioni
  • Chapter 5: A note on skill formation in higher education by Martin Humburg and Rolf van der Velden
  • Chapter 6: Weapons of mass instruction by Peter Coaldrake and Lawrence Stedman
  • Chapter 7: Impact of the global economic crisis on higher education: the leadership and policy challenges by Ellen Hazelkorn
  • Chapter 8: The world is not flat: the brain drain and higher education in the 21st century by Philip G. Altbach

  • Annex: OECD higher education statistical snapshot


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